Attorney Profile

Shalisa J. Cumberbatch

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Shalisa received her B.A. from Columbia University in the City of New York and went on to receive her J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.


Shalisa worked in the Public Interest in New York for six years, before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Combining her thorough experience within the ruthless public interest sector, her tough Brooklyn attitude, zealous advocacy, and her ability to solve literally any problem, Shalisa focuses on protecting real people and helping their brands and businesses flourish.


In her free time, Shalisa enjoys “cheffing it up” in the comfort of her home, is an avid yogi, and is developing her guitar-playing skills. 


True to how she lives her own life, Shalisa believes that the less her clients have to worry about, the happier, healthier, and wealthier they will be.